The last time I've "maxed" on my raw squat was Summer of 2014. I figured there is no better place to try and move some heavy weight than at Duke's Iron Zoo. Duke's is where I really started delving into my powerlifting journey back in 2013. My first year training there, I trained raw and then started going down the multiply road. Duke's is the perfect powerlifting environment filled with booming heavy metal, supportive training partners and of course, an experienced coach. Duke and I chatted on the phone about a week before the Sunday squat session and I told him my intentions with trying to see how far I could push my squat this day since my body is still getting used to having essentially no support. We decided to just see how warm ups feel and just play it by ear. A bunch of the old crew came to join us and it was seriously a blast. We talked shit to each other like normal, caught up on each other's lives and lifted some heavy ass weight. Justin is getting ready for the RPS Lexen XXX meet in Columbus on December 4th so we got him all dialed in for his squat openers. Thanks again for having us back, Duke. Can't wait for our next training session!

On Monday - Wednesday of that week was our burn week for the fire academy. Since I ended up passing out almost as soon as I got home, I trained my OHP day on Friday and gave my bench and deadlift sessions a rest for that week.

Squat Workout

A. Squat
Bar weight x 10
Add Wraps
600x1 w/ Reverse Band

B. Hack Squat

OHP Workout

Bar weight x 20

B. Lateral & Rear Delt Raise Superset

C. Alternated Grip Pull Ups
Close Semi-Supinated Grip x 6
Wide Pronated Grip x 6
Medium Supinated Grip x 6
Three rounds through

D. Lat Pull Downs

E. Chest Supported T-Bar Row
2x15 - 3 second hold at contraction

F. Rear Delt Machine - Banded Shrug Holds Superset
3x15, 45 sec

G. Cable Push Down & Cable Curl Superset

5 Rounds of Partner Sled Drags - While partner drags sled, the other holds a plank