Fri, 16 Sept 16

Block 7, Wave 1 - Assistance I

I finally added split jerks back into my training today and went all the way up to a whopping 65 lbs.  Woohoo.  I have no pain or obvious dysfunction, but at present I require insane amounts of concentration and focus on how I am moving to do it correctly.  Both my hips seem to want to internally rotate when I do split jerks, the left much more than the right and if I don't correct for this, it actually does tend to cause pain in both knees, but more in the left.  So I have no pain or problem as long as I do it correctly - shocking.  I definitely feel like I could have kept going up on weight, but I also do not want a repeat of my performance one week post injury where I thought  I was fine and then went and re-injured myself like a chicken fornicator.  I am addressing the internal rotation directly with targeted gluteus medius exercises as well as in combination with other movements in my dynamic warmup.  It's a tedious process, but I do seem to be slowly decreasing my tendency toward internal rotation of my hips, especially the left.  What makes this whole thing so hard is that my body knows what to do already, but I need to force a very significant change in just a couple aspects of the movement at relatively high speed, which is really difficult on something I have done thousands of times and can't really o slowly.  I really do think it is much easier to learn a new movement than to force a major change in specific muscle activation, at least for an explosive exercise like a jerk.  Although it is definitely easier on exercises that can be done slowly.

BB Split Jerks

3ea x 45

3ea x 45

3ea x 55

3ea x 65 - Splitting the left leg forward feels better for now, but I am able to do it for both sides.

Overhead Squat





Blast Strap Pushups (feet elevated)/Diagonal Band Pullaparts

10xBW/15ea x monster mini

15x24/15ea x monster mini

20x24/15ea x monster mini

20x24 - Fun Fact: the width of the blast strap attachment to the anchor point makes a noticeable difference in the difficulty of the exercise.  Being able to adjust this is one more positive point that Blast Straps have over many other types of suspension training.

Single Arm DB OH Triceps Press/Pronated Grip Curls

2x{15ea x 35/15x30} - The curls felt great today with zero funk in my brachialis so I went up a little, did a couple, still way too easy, so I went up a little more.

15ea x 35/15x45

Incline Reverse Crunches/Single Leg Back Extensions

3x{15x6ea/10ea x BW}