Fri, 16 Jun 17

Block 12, Wave 3 - Throws and Events at ISCF and the Unit

I did my Saturday training on Friday since the weather is supposed to be questionable this weekend and I have my pharmacology midterm on Tuesday.

Light Weight For Distance


6x1x28 - Getting smoother, which is good since that was my only goal for this today.

Heavy Weight For Distance

4x1x56 - This was my first time throwing HWFD and it feels one million percent heinous.  I am now even more impressed by HG athletes chucking this thing and making it look so effortless.

Farmer's Walk

100' x 110

100' x 220

100' x 310 - I tripped about halfway through this and had to slow way down to avoid dropping the handles, but still managed to complete the run no sans drops.

Stone Over Bar (tackyless)

1x240 to 59"

1x240 to 63"

1x240 to 67"

1x240 to 71"

0x240 to 75" - Had the height, but my push over the bar was lopsided.

1x240 to 75" - Lifetime atlas stone height PR and beat my former training partner Mike Collela by 1 inch.  Mike was the inspiration for this and I'm sure he'll come back and beat me like a red-headed stepchild since he's a tall bastard, but for now I have the dumb dumb crown.

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