When transitioning back to raw squatting, I was curious on how my joints (specifically my hips) and nervous system would handle it. I knew it would feel slow since I'm used to a generous pop out of the hole in my briefs and/or suit, I would just need time to adjust. My hips have actually felt awesome the last couple weeks. I definitely take my time doing mobility work throughout the week but I also don't over do it. I do enough to perform well and feel good. I remember one time about a year ago, some friends and I took a trip out to the Ladewski's gym in Indiana. Matt Ladewski was talking about foam rolling and mobility work. He stated that if you do 45 minutes to an hour of foam rolling and mobility work just to train, when you're not even injured, then imagine what you'll have to do when you actually DO get injured or just have some nagging issues. That made a ton of sense to me. So since then, I do what I need to do and that's it. Anyways, here was my absolute, sweat producing workout yesterday:

A. 3x3 Squats (Beltless, Sleeves)

B. Front Squats


C. Single Alternating Leg Press (I've been incorporating a lot more unilateral movements to help my imbalances. My left leg is a lot smaller than my right due to breaking my ankle during my senior year football season. I never took the time to address it. I'm doing it now before it becomes a bigger issue!)
90lbs x 12 x 4 Left Leg
90lbs x 10 x 4 Right Leg

D. Hack Squat (These were all for the pump and blood flow to my quads. Slow eccentric with no lockout. Lots of TUT.)

Drenched in sweat at this point. In case you were wondering.

E. BW Split Squats
2 sets of 20 reps
^I literally couldn't hold myself up any longer because my legs were shaking so bad so I cut it off with just two sets.

F1. Ab Wheel (Really focusing on "belly button to the ceiling". Keeping the abs tight/rigid and not hyperextending your lumbar spine which is very common in this movement.)
F2. Ab Cable Pull Downs (These really help decompress my spine. While performing them, I tuck my chin to my chest and round over as much as possible so I really feel the stretch in my back. These feel incredible after squatting. Dave Tate showed me these last year and I've incorporated them into my training ever since.)