Thurs, 5 July 18

Lower Reload @ SSPT

I needed to train car DL simulator today so I headed down the street from Healthy Baller to train at Supreme Sports Performance and Training.  I'm not sure if the car DL event at world's is front or side handle so I set it up for front handle since I didn't have my side handle attachments with me.

Car Deadlift Simulator (front bar)







I had considered throwing my suit on for these, but doing my warmups gave me flashbacks to grinding out 9 reps at nats a few days ago so I stuck with just my belt and straps.  Also, I pulled these almost from the floor (1 stall mat under the plates), which I have only done once in the last few months so I didn't want to blow my sphincter across the room trying to get down to the bar in my suit while I'm still recovering from competing last weekend.

Trap Bar DL (high handles)





I did these to work on the pic for frame carry at world's.

Single Leg Calf Raises/Back Extensions/Incline Reverse Crunches

25ea x BW/15x50/20xBW

25ea x BW/15x50/15xBW - Ab failure