Sun, 23 Jul 17

Block 13 Wave 2 - Cleans and Assistance @ Fresno State

Last day in Fresno before heading back up to San Fran for a day trip and then flying back home.  The AC unit in Nick's apartment decided to poop the bed and die during a massive heat wave, so that was fun.  Thankfully the maintenance guy was able to provide a very large portable AC unit that was able to keep things from getting all heat strokey, but it was still damn hot (106 degrees outside and it is a top floor apartment).  Fortunately, it was nice and cool in the weight room when we went in to train.  My hip/low back had been bothering me a little bit since Friday, but I was able to keep it in check most of the time with a combo of RPR, soft tissue work, and stretching.

Hang Power Cleans

complex x 45

complex x 95

2x3x135 - First set didn't feel good at all.


3x205 - I need to keep the bar closer/keep my lats tighter (thanks Nick)

2x3x225 - Working on accelerating faster as I come over the knee to stay off my toes, 2nd set better than 1st.

1x225 - Went really fast and it was MUCH better and also hurt my left hip a lot so that was all for today.  I kind of had an idea that was going to happen, but I think I was in denial so I ended up being a big dummy.

Fat Gripz Circus DB C&P

band warmups

6x60 - Right side, 3 strict presses and 3 push presses

I tried to do the same thing on with the left arm and my hip was having none of it.  Just picking it up made it worse and I stopped because I was in pretty significant pain right now.

Alt Arm Horizontal Band Pullaparts

2x15ea x mini band

Bent Reverse Flys

2x15x5 - This did not bother my hip or I would not have done it.

Back Extension/Feet Up Crunches

2x{15xBW/20xBW} - I played around with a couple different ab exercises until I found one that didn't bother my psoas.