Tues, 9 Apr 19


Since it is looking extremely unlikely that I will be able to compete in United States Strongman Nationals this year due to several factors, I chose to take a step back from overhead pressing and bench today.  This was probably a stupid decision since my right shoulder randomly started bringing in the funk while I was at work and it was still bothering me while I was warming up.

Bench Press







1x315 - Started screwing up my setup when unracking.

1x335 - Almost really good, but then not.

2x3x300 - Lots of crookedness.

3x275/6x225/6x185/10x135 - Drop set that made my moobies mighty damn sore.

I don't know if it was just since I haven't benched in a while or if it was all due to the fact that I suck at unracking heavier weights without a spotter (even though I know not to press it out of the J cups), or if it was the random shoulder funk from work, but when I was lowering 335 I saw the bar shift way over to the left and then I almost stalled out pressing it back up (and I was looking at the bar instead of the ceiling, another rookie mistake).  This weight should be 90% or less of my max right now, but since I have no comp plans coming up and the left shift was BIG, I saw no reason to push my luck today.  To partially make up for it I did my first drop set in a loooooong time to finish up and this has my man boobs still sore 3 days later as I type this.

Paused AmBar Rows/DB Front Raises



SS Yoke Bar Shrugs/Bent Reverse Flys/Hypers