Sat, 26 Jan 19

Events @ Iron Strong

Everything felt almost back to normal today in training, and it’s about damn time.  Except for conditioning.  That was an embarrassment of pandas.

Axle C&J (clean once)

complex x 65

complex x 115

complex x 155


1x245 - Power cleans up to this point

2x205 - Switch to continental cleans




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I tried a mixed grip switch to double overhand grip continental clean at 305 and muffed the hand switch badly so I just sucked it up and came back with a DO continental clean and it went fine.  I got video, but I’m posting this from my phone at the Philly airport on my way to FL so I don’t know how the hell to embed video.  Also, this should explain any and all spelling and grammar errors.




75’x705 - Felt fast bit bothered left wrist

75’x755 - Felt slower, but was about a second and a half faster than 705

Stone Over Bar (52”)


3x250 - Dusty as hell from being stored outside

6x215 - Shouldering to alternate sides

Prowler Suicides 

3x{30’, 40’, 50’ x prowler + 50} - High handles down, low handles back.  This was 100% miserable.