Thurs, 20 Jul 17

Block 13, Wave 2 - Throws in Fresno

I was out in Fresno, CA with my gf visiting my friend and Fresno S&C coach, Nick O'Brien, and his gf and since he is the only training partner I have who really has any interest in competing in HG, we of course had to do some throwing.  This was the first time I have ever had anyone to train throws with besides weight over bar and not having to shag my own weights and having someone to tell me all the myriad ways I am sodding things up was outstanding.  The temps were in the upper 90s and low to mid 100s while I was there, but it was cool in the mornings so that was when we threw things.

Light Weight for Distance

2x 1 turn throws

6x full throws (i.e. 2 turns)

We used a 22 lb kettlebell (instead of the 28 lb weight) with a short chain and ring handle bolted on for this since Nick's order of implements had not arrived yet.

Light Hammer (16 lbs)

8 throws

I was a stupid nincompoop on this and was doing 4 winds for all but my last throw because I had my counting mixed up in my head.  Nick thankfully pointed this out to me so I was able to correct it at the end and he coincidentally slaughtered me on this as well, averaging a good 10' more than me on all throws.