Sat, 2 Sept 17

Throws @ Iron Strong

Training plans were up in the air due to weather, but when I got up this morning it looked like the rain would hold of until mid day so I headed out to throw and train events at Iron Strong CF.  I was making good progress with the light hammer until I felt a small pop in my right elbow during what would end up being my last throw for the day.  I didn't have any pain to speak of and at first I wasn't sure if it was just the joint cracking or if I had tweaked something.  I was a little freaked out by it so I decided to be done for the day, plus it was starting to rain again and I had already taken one 15 minute rain delay while throwing (because I tried to do one throw in a steady rain and the hammer slipped out and flew into the woods) and didn't want to try to wait it out since the weather was just supposed to get worse.  Turns out it was a very mild biceps strain.   I probably could have trained through it since I had only very minor pain at end range with fast movements and no loss of strength, at least from a quick self assessment.  Since I have no comps coming up any time soon though due to school, I decided instead to spend some time doing some of the mobility stuff I have been neglecting and then call it a day.  While I didn't accomplish much, I felt pretty good when I went home thanks to some intense soft tissue work on my calves, hamstrings, and back.

Light Hammer

2x10 winds

10 throws x 1 wind

4 throws x 2 winds

6 throws x 3 winds

On the bright side, my 1 winds throws are almost as far as my full throws now thanks to some technique work and getting more used to the blades.  The downside is that my full throws should be way further than my one winds, but when I get moving that fast, I am trying to focus on too much at once and I keep doing stupid stuff that is limiting me.  And the whole reason I tweaked my bicep is because for some idiotic reason I decided to bend my right elbow while the hammer was down in front of me during the 3rd wind.  I have never done this before that I know of and there was no good reason for it to happen other than Murphy's Law.  I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious and glad I didn't try to train through it and make it worse.