Fri, 21 Jul 17

Block 13, Wave 2 - Throws & Events @ the Left Coast Unit

With plans in place for seeing and doing things in Fresno all weekend, Nick and I moved Saturday training to Friday morning.  We started off at the field for some throws and then headed to his storage unit for some strongman event training.

Open Stone


6 throws x 16 lb shot

2 throws x 16 lb stone

We did most of these with a shot put since that is what I'll be using when I compete in Scotland in 2 weeks, but since Nick has a couple of good stones as well, we switched it up at the end.  I had a really terrible day with this as evidenced by the fact that my standing throws were better than my attempts at gliding.  Just like on the light hammer, Nick pretty much destroyed me here, which was great and I wish I could train throws with him all the time as we are about even on who is better at which throws, at least for now in our total noob phase.

Heavy Weight for Distance

3 throws - 1 turn, then 2 turns, then back to 1 turn

We used a 50 lb KB here since the heavy weight is among the items Nick has on order.  We realized we were running short on time so we had to cut it short to drive over to his storage unit for strongman.  Also, my left psoas was totally cramping up and tightening and it was pretty much making every single thing I did awful and it got worse with each throw.

Chain Yoke

100' x 220

100' x 310

100' x 400

I didn't want to push it any heavier than this with my hip/low back feeling totally cocked up, but at least I was able to do all this without making anything worse.

OH Press

10x50 - Keg

8x90 - Log

4x180 - Log again, and I had zero explosiveness on my leg drive.

0x230 - The previous pressing had been in an attempt to warmup to clean and press Nick's lighter atlas stone.  Just picking the stone up though instantly made my psoas hurt worse and I didn't even try to clean and press it after lapping it because I didn't want to be an even bigger dummy than I already had been when I was only 2 weeks away from competing.

Despite my sucking massive wang on everything today and putting myself into stupid pain due to (I hope) overworking my left psoas, I still ahd an awesome time training with one of the best training partners of all time and I jut wish I had been healthier and we had had more time, but fun things were calling our names so we had to go get cleaned up and head out with our lady friends for some fun in the California sun.