Wed, 7 Nov 18

Speed Lower

I successfully made it through this block of speed work and managed to slog my way through the deficit tugs.  Today was actually the best/fastest they have felt, but after Tuesday's training, my left shoulder blade was definitely more wonky than normal (tilted forward due to tightness in pec minor and/or short head of biceps and coracobrachialis).  The combo of the forward tilt plus the downward pull of the weighted axle and bands with the activation of muscles that pull my shoulder blade back into a more upright and normal position led to the development of some funky tension around the coracoid process of my left shoulder blade at lockouts.  Due to this I did not work up today.  I'm switching from bands to chains for my next training block so hopefully that combined with more work to undo the recent increase in shoulder dysfunction will get things feeling good again.

Banded Deficit Axle DL (short monster mini bands, 1.5" deficit)

10x70 + bands







Chain SS Yoke Bar Box Squats (3 sets of chains)

10x75 + chains




I'm much more explosive out of the hole when I remember to drive my head back first, which I was forgetting about half the time today.

Band Assisted GHRs/SS Yoke Bar RFE Split Squats

3x{15xBW minus mini band/10ea x 155}

Nothing else today because I was training before my first day of work at my new job with ATI and I was starting to run out of time.