Time to Get These Strict Presses Going

..Heading into week 2 of the new training schedule - After the first week of increased overhead press frequency I could definitely feel the initial "I got hit by a bus" adjustment. It'll take some acclimating but I'm confident over the coming weeks I'll adapt as long as I train and recover smart.

Week 2: Overhead Press (Explosive / Strength / Accessories)

A1. Med ball overhead throws - 5x3

A2. Band Pull-Aparts - 5x15

B. Overhead Strict Press (barbell) - Triples up to top set of 185x3, then 200x2 (failed 3rd rep)

*Superset with more band pull-aparts

C. Overhead Strict Press Down Set - 140x10 (+5 lbs from last week)

D1. Seated Scap Retraction Rows - 4x10

D2. Cable Tricep Pushdowns - 4x25

E. Band Rear Delt Flyes - 4x12


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