Indian club swings, band stretching, reverse grip dumbbell press


bench - raw

worked up to 275 doing sets of 3

added one chain per side doing singles to 6 chains per side

*on the last set I got a sharp pain in my elbow it felt like something hit  my funny bone


put on Ace bench shirt

took 315 to test my elbow discomfort - zero discomfort

worked up to 585 doing singles off a 3 board.

when attempting to lock out 585 something in my elbow slipped and pain radiated from my shoulder to my finger tips. After a few minutes my entire are was all pins and needles. This discomfort remained for about 15 minutes before the pain localized on the back my elbow.


Lat pull downs

this did not cause discomfort to my elbow

5 sets of 20 reps with 100 pounds.