Indian Club swings, hip rotations, band stretching



warm-up reps based on how warm-ups would be at the meet.

made plate jumps until hitting planned percentages

put on Metal Ace briefs after 315

added Metal Ace Squat suit with straps down after 495

worked up to 665 for a single

750 for a single

805 for a single

straps up

850 for a single

880 for a single



Deadlifts - pulled against 3 light bands -  stood on doubled mats for about 1.5" deficit

worked up to 405 for 4 singles


hanging leg raises

3 sets to failure


reverse hypers

whatever was loaded (light weight) for 3 sets of 15 reps


squat percentages today were bases off of a max attempt taken early in the training cycle wearing briefs and straps down. Percentages used today were

80%, 90%, 95%, 103% and 106%.

Squats felt good. 880 didn't move quick, as you saw in the video, but I felt in control, still had room to tighten the straps and intend to add knee wraps at the meet. I feel that 900 is a realistic expectation on my 3rd attempt.