training because I enjoy it

My body is feeling good and I'm enjoying training without any real purpose. What I mean by that is I don't currently have any real training goals. No meet or number of reps or pounds I want to move. Simply training because I enjoy it and enjoy being around my training partners.

box squats - box set 1" above parallel - buffalo bar- raw

worked up doing triples to 505

595 for a double

685 for a single

735 for a single

415 for 1 set of 11 reps


deadlifts - chains added - all singles

worked up to 315 then began adding 2 chains per set to a total of 18 chains


inverse curl machine

started with 3 plates of assistance for 2 sets of 8 reps

2 plates of assistance for 8 reps

1 plate and a 25 for 6 reps

1 plate for 6 reps


I'm pleased with today and everything moved well and felt good.

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