Sat, 7 July 18

Events @ Iron Strong

I've got a month to train before I fly to Finland for 105k WSM.  I won't get much "stronger" in this short of a time frame, but by focusing on training events (and supplemental work to support them) that I haven't done in a couple months or more due to my training for nationals, I should be able to knock the stank off and improve my speed and technique.  I focused on the 3 events for Day 1, the qualifying round, today.  This is frame carry, viking press, and a loading medley.

Farmer's Walk (drop and repick every 40')





I ripped my right hand right below my callous on the last run so that stopped me on farmer's for today.  I usually get a stupid, annoying, minor injury shortly before most competitions so hopefully this is the one for world's.  I taped it up with duct tape and was able to move on with my planned training.

Viking Press

complex x 45





2x250 - First video

1x270 - Second video

The rules for world's are no rebending the knees on the viking press, which is different from the way I've always done it in the past, so this will be an area of focus for the next month of training.

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Carry and "Load"

3 runs of 5x25'x150 slam ball

I should have gotten video of this, but I was kind of pissed about my hand plus the weight was super light.  I picked the slam ball, ran down 25', and pulled it high and dropped it like I was loading it, then repeated the process 4 more times.  I'll set this up with a run back and hopefully multiple implements next time, but my programming called for not destroying myself today in terms of RPE.

Overall this was an informative and helpful training day and I will tweak my program based on these numbers and also put more emphasis on hand care to prevent having a handsplosion in competition.