Thurs, 28 Nov 19

Block 1, Week 4, Day 2 - DE OH/BP

Felt like trash today.  Had a headache that got worse as I warmed up and continued to worsen with training.  Since I had the day off for Thanksgiving and I wanted to actually enjoy it as much as possible, I stopped training after finishing my speed work.

Chain AmBar Bench (2 sets of chains)

10x45 - Add chains




I did start to feel better a couple hours after I finished training and was able to enjoy turkey day with my wife's fam.  I am going to change up my training after this block to something that makes me want to train instead of just pisses me off.

Salute to my left coast amigo S&C Coach Nick O'Brien for complete the annual Thanksgiving Day prowler mile.  I could not engage is such nonsense this year because I am currently rehabbing my right knee from what I believe is a torn meniscus.  This only served to encourage my foul mood as I benched in my garage.