..With getting off this medication, it was messing with my adrenaline so bad that any time I've trained I would get sick (but I've just been working on continuing to train and get the minimal work done) - The past 2 training days I've been able to train hard and not get sick for the first time in several months, and I was incredibly thankful for that. I haven't even had it as bad as many others, and this experience was still very humbling. Strength is still down, but things are "firing" the way they should again, and I'm excited to see how the next several months go!

Below is the last day of last week's training and first of this weeks - Once this complete week (3 days) is done, then I'll post my normal training recap.

Day 3: Floor Press Day & Full Body Accessories

  • A. Machine Leg Curls - work up to top set of 15
  • B. Machine Leg Press - 3x12
  • C1. Machine Rows - work up to top set of 10
  • C2. Pushups - AMRAP between rows
  • D. Floor Press - 8x3 w/ 245lbs
  • E1. Y/T Shoulder Raises - 4x15 each direction
  • E2. Tricep Pushdowns - 4x15

Day 1: Deadlift Day & Full Body Accessories

    • A. Deadlifts - 10x3 w/ 405lbs

  • B. Squats in Briefs - 8x3 w/ 315lbs
  • C1. Chin-Ups - 3x8 (strict technique, stretch at bottom)
  • C2. Tricep Pushdowns - 3x25
  • D. Bicep Curls - 3x10