Thurs, 26 July 18

Lower @ Georgetown University

Teddy and I took a field trip to Georgetown today to hang out and talk about strength coaching and PT and meathead things and do a little training with Coach Dave Terry.  Sadly we missed seeing Hill today, but a great time was had by all nonetheless.  The plan is to get in a few more field trips while I'm working at Healthy Baller for my last clinical.

Chain SSB Squats (2 sets of chains)


8x150 - Add chains





1x380 - Taking a 30 lb jump here after a 20 lb jump from the last set was a dummy move.


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Shortened Copenhagen Planks

2x5ea x 5 sec

That was all I had time for due to needing to hustle back down to the parking garage to prevent my truck from getting booted and get back to Healthy Baller in time for our first patient of the day.  HUGE thanks to Dave for the hospitality and for winning the squat-off today in convincing fashion.