Travis Rinnert - 44 years old - IPA Battle of the Beast 2 - Gainesboro, Tenn - 07/08/17

Travis walked through our doors 16 months ago, 300+ pounds, out of shape and needing some help to regain his health. So for the next 12 months Travis worked his ass off, trained hard and got his shit together and lost 60 pounds! I am Crazy proud of you my brother! Also in those next 12 months Travis became one of our most active competetiors here at Team Nebobarbell. Travis competed in 4 straight powerlifting meets in 12 months!

While loosing those 60 pounds and dropping weight classes each meet his numbers still continued to climb. From his first meet till this meet Travis increased his:

Squat - 64 pounds
Bench - 50 pounds
Deadlift - 110 pounds
Total - 139 pounds

And he finished with 6 total first place finishes for his weight class and divisions! Successful and impressive dont even begin to describe what this man has accomplished in such a short period of time!

This 44 year old husband of 17 years, father of 4 children and 20+ year business owner proves again that age aint nothing but a number and your never too old or too busy to get in shape and take care of your body and mind! Travis made a choice to get healthier, stronger and get in better shape and he has done so even at the young age of 44 years old.

And again this trend continues. Success to me is weighed upon my top five:

1. Continued PR's - check
2. Staying healthy. No injuries from meet - check
3. Not bombing out - check
4. Having fun - check
5. Placing in the top three of weight class/division - check

Here is what Travis accomplished at this meet:

8 for 9 on attempts
Squat - 450 - Lifetime PR - Wt. Class PR
Bench - 350 - Lifetime PR - Wt. Class PR
Deadlift - 535 - Lifetime PR - Wt. Class PR
Total - 1335 - Lifetime PR - Wt. Class PR

1st Place Men's full power raw - 242 Wt. class - Master Division

I am very proud of you my brother and friend! Lets get ready for October!....