Tues, 8 Oct 19

Block 3, Week 4, Day 1 - DE DL/SQ

I almost skipped doing cleans today outright without even testing the waters, but then I remembered not to be stupid.  Then I almost forgot it again.


BB w/ups




3x185 - Left thumb felt fine through this set


This set did  not hurt my thumb, but it was just enough to let me know that the heavier I go, the more risk I'm at for making it worse so I stopped here after 1 set instead of 2-3.  Hands usually take a lot longer to heal up than other body parts with bigger/better blood supply, but my thumb is actually feeling much better since Saturday.  No axle C&P for me for a while yet though.

Band Deficit DL (1.5", short monster minis)

10x50 - Add bands




2x300 - Still fast

2x330 - Probably slower.  I really want to get a string can to measure bar speed.

SS Yoke Bar Reverse Lunges/Hypers/SL SSYB Calf Raises

10ea x 85/---/---

3x{10ea x 115/15x35/15ea x 115}

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