Sun, 14 Oct 18

Lower Assistance

After a decent amount of studying for boards this morning, but before the kickoff of the Redskins game, I went out to the garage for a quick lower body assistance work training session.  I liked it, and I'll most likely stick with it, I will just need to test out different amounts of volume to make sure I'm still able to recover properly.

Band TKE Heel Taps/Single Leg DB Bridges/SL Calf Raises

15ea x no band/15ea x BW/---

2x{15ea x strong band/15ea x 20/20ea x BW}

I used my calf raise step for the heel taps so it was a 7" step down for all sets.  I liked what I did today and I have some ideas for adding in a couple more things next week.  After this I was hailing to the Redskins all afternoon as they pulled out the W against the Panthers.