For the last several years, my deadlift has been at a real halt. Although I've sat down, analyzed videos of training etc., I feel that it truly comes down to one factor. I don't deadlift enough. When beginning my training in powerlifting, my deadlift made great strides. I was running 5/3/1 and deadlifting once a week. Within a couple years, I always kind of put deadlift on the back burner and kind of went with the whole, "you don't need to deadlift to get stronger at deadlift" saying. Now I do believe there is truth to that, it just depends on the person. I don't think that I'm at the experience level where I can only deadlift once or twice a month. I need practice. I need to feel the weight in my hands. When going and looking back at old training videos, my pull was much more technically sound. The last year and a half, it's been quite the shit show. That's another reason why I want to run 5/3/1. I want to be forced to pull once a week to get repetitions and solidify that motor pattern again.

With that aside, I went to train deadlifts at my buddy Aaron White's gym, TNT Strength in Kent, OH. The atmosphere is unbeatable with 20+ guys and gals hollering your name whenever it's your turn in the rotation. I always enjoy training there, even when my deadlifts look absolutely horrendous. The ladies and gents that train there are strong as hell and they have one awesome coach. Can't thank everyone enough for allowing me to train with them.

A. 5/3/1 Deadlifts 3x5 (Beltless, Except for Set 3)

B. SSB Good Morning

C. Cable Pull Throughs

I didn't plan on training this day, but when Aaron invited me, I couldn't pass it up. This was the fourth day in a row I trained, so I kept the workout pretty light. Thanks again TNT Strength!!

P.S. If you want proof of my deadlift struggle, check out this video my teammate Joe Schillero made a couple years ago. Lol...still hate him though.