Thurs, 16 May 19

Block 3, Week 4, Day 2 - DE DL

I remembered to bring home the rest of my chains from the Unit so I was fully loaded today.  I briefly considered shifting gears mid-way through a block and pulling from the floor without my suit, but the last many weeks of my training have been aimed at axle DL for reps in my suit from 13" so I decided to finish out the block as planned and test it out afterward to see how effective my programming has been.

13" Chain Axle DL (w/ Metal Jack suit, 6 sets of chains)

15x70 - No chains

10x170 - No chains

5x170 - Add chains



8x2x355 - Rest 30 sec

2x405 - Fast

2x445 - Equally fast or fast(er)

2x505 - 1st rep fast, 2nd rep I had to work for a little more

Axle Sumo Deads/Band Assisted Home GHRs

10x160/10xBW minus mini band


3x{10x300/10xBW minus micro band}

Sumo tugs weren't hard, but I was all over the place, probably because of using the axle.  I may switch this up and do it with a barbell next week.

Single Leg Calf Raises/Single Leg Hypers

3x{20ea x BW/10ea x 20}