Wed, 6 Sept 17

Upper II

I followed my plan to switch from the axle to a regular bar today to see if it made a difference in my bar speed - it did not.  Turns out I am just currently in a phase where my benching is slow and pathetic.  Could be due to my biceps, my shoulder, my wrist, my lack of sleep, my diet, school stress, or other stuff that likely impacts such things, but I prefer to believe it is because I had sand in my vag.  Plus, it wasn't just benching.  Today sucked on the whole and if I could have trained tomorrow, I would have postponed it if at all possible.

Banded Bench (doubled minis)


6x45 - Added bands




4x3x200 - 2nd set was the best, 3rd was still ok, but then 4th was dog crap.

4x3x170 - Faster, thankfully, but still stupid.

DB Rows/Incline Reverse Crunches

10ea x 55/20xBW

10ea x 65/20xBW

10ea x 65/15xBW - DB rows were fine, but if I didn't move carefully it made my biceps sore so I stayed here.

I did my biceps rehab after this.  I don't have any pain, just feels like an extended case of DOMS.  I'm sure if I pushed it too heavy or tried to do curls at max velocity it would probably not feel good, but I'm also not gonna be a dummy and jack it up again before it's all better.  If I had a competition approaching I might try to push the envelope a little more, but there's no need to be a training all-star and set myself back for weeks or months because of stupidity.