Sat, 21 July 18

Events @ Iron Strong CF

It was raining like a mofo today (aka it was a "frog choker"), so I had to do my training inside at Iron Strong.  This led to a giant pain in the dick of setting up and then cleaning up for training carry and load, but I felt like it was worth it since this was my next to last event training day before world's in 2 weeks.

Viking Press








1x300 - Video

My right arm slowed down a good amount on 290 which made me question whether I should take a run at 300 or not, but I felt like I could do it as long as I did a better job of keeping tight so I didn't lose the energy from my leg drive.  I was right and 300 went up better than 290 did, as you can hear from my commentary at the end.

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Carry and Load

25' x 175, 215, 250 over 60" bar - Video

25' x 175, 215, 250 over 54" bar

I had to cheat the last rep both times by using my arms (and face on the first run) to bump the stone over the bar.  This served double duty as training for the box carry and load as well as for atlas stones, although we will be using soft atlas stones at world's, which are essentially 22" diameter medicine balls weighing up to 300 lbs.

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Gotta give a shout out to Dave, one of the owners of ISCF, for running over and giving me a hand to prevent accidental death or dismemberment of myself or others by flying balls.  Setup and cleanup for the carry and load made training just these 2 events take about 4 hours so that was all I did for today.