Thurs, 1 Nov 18

Heavy Lower

So the rough idea I had in my head about being able to stick pretty close to my normal training schedule was WAY off.  I had a great time with my fiance down in FL looking at wedding venues, but getting up at 0230 for 2 out of 3 days combined with flying and driving and a half crap diet ended up with me doing a grand total of zero exercise while I was down there.  The new plan is to 86 my heavi(er) upper day and continue on with everything else crammed in without a rest day if possible.  So based on all that, I think today went pretty well.  I did have my first lobster roll at a pretty nice restaurant on Sanibel Island and I have to say, I'm confused about WTF the bib lettuce is for since there is no way in hell it could fit on the sammich, but it was damn good lobstah.











I'd make some disclosure about how I tugged with a "stiff bar" today, but I personally find that term to be completely idiotic.  Any bar that is not a deadlift bar is either stiff(er) or a cheap piece of crap and probably bent.  No one ever made this distinction until a couple years ago when some no name chuff who always tugged on a TDLB posted video of himself tugging about 50 lbs less and needed an excuse for it when his instafans started slinging the doodoo.  But I digress. Back to the training.

Band Assisted GHRs

3x12xBW - mini band at collar bone height

SS Yoke Bar RFE Split Squats/SL Blast Strap HS Curls/SL SS Yoke Bar Calf Raises

2x{10ea x 155/5ea x BW/15ea x 155}

I was so winded after the second set of SSYBRFESS that I had to sit down and rest for several minutes before finishing up.  I used a 3 sec negative for the SLBSHS curls, which were plenty hard after doing the GHRs.