I had my first physical therapy appointment today. I really wasn't sure what to expect because I've never actually went to PT before. After my back surgery I just did things on my own, I never had anything done with my adductor tear and after my hernia surgery I just took it slow and easy until all the tenderness was gone. This time the surgeon expressed how important PT is for this injury and type of  surgery I had. He explained that the ROM is very important in allowing it to heal correctly and in preventing it from tearing again. He's very straight forward, the way he explains things makes sense and I want to be fully healed from this. Nothing against anyone with permanent limitations after injuries but I don't want to be the guy explaining to the judges that I can't lock out my left arm because it simply won't move to full extension.

The therapist I got is pretty cool. She played college level soccer and had some injuries of her own. She didn't bullshit me and told me I'm going to continue to hate life for the next 7 weeks or so. She said to just focus on the longer term and not worry about being strong right now. It all makes sense and I'll just stay on the sidelines for now.

The session started off with about a 30 minute elbow massage. She worked on the scar explaining that it is important to keep it soft and to massage it regularly to prevent it from attaching to underlying tissue. After this is was some basic ROM things for the bicep, tricep, wrist and shoulder. Then I iced it with the cool ice pump machine thing and that was it. I'll be going twice a week until November and slowly start to incorporate resistance.