Yesterday was my dynamic effort upper training, but I could still feel my pec strain enough that I held off from any benching. It's feeling much better though, and I think in another few days I'll be good to go. Any time I'm not able to do the conventional lifts I try to focus on a lot of volume and bodybuilding-style exercises. This day I did some shoulder pressing variations and lat work, and rounded it out by playing around with some different triceps movements and curls. I played around with using kettlebells for some of my shoulder pressing and tricep extensions, and it's a nice change of pace and changes the angle of where the weight sits. 

A1. Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown (Strap Handle) - 4x12

A2. Machine Chest Press (light) - 4x25

B1. Kettlebell Clean & Presses w/ 35lb kettlebells - 4x10 with cleans and extra 6-8 presses at the end of each set.

B2. Kettlebell Bent Over Row w/ 53 lb kettlebells - 4x15

C1. Rope Tricep Pushdowns - 3x25

C2. Band Face Pulls w/ Pro Light Band - 3x15

D1. Dumbbell Curls - 5x15

D2. Rolling Tricep Extensions w/ 35lb kettlebells - 5x12


Pumped for the Sports Performance Summit Tomorrow!


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