Kinda sorta had no idea what I was going to do today.  I was SO sore from yesterday that I couldn't even lift my hands over my head, so naturally Casey suggested I do some upper body stuff to break it up and get some blood flowing. I started with some incline DB Press and then easily got distracted by the fact that I wanted to deadlift, so I did that too (before Casey reigned me in). I REALLY enjoyed this day.

As far as my back and healing, I'm definitely figuring out what works and what doesn't. For deadlifts I am not doing anything over 3 reps per set and for squats keeping it lighter is key.  Stretching helps me tons, and I've noticed I can go into the gym with my back bothering me, and by the time I leave and everything is loosened up it's feeling great (it's the day after that really gets me).  Now, I don't know if this will subside over time, but I'm definitely making progress.  Today I did deadlifts for 5x3 with 135, everything felt really smooth and actually kind of light, where in the past it felt heavy.  As bad as I want to push through and jump through the weights, I realize the importance of going slow.

Upper Day #2:

Incline DB 25lbsx4x12
Deadlifts: 135x5x3
Floor Press w/ External Rotation: 3x15
Floor Fatbell Tricep Extension: 3x20
Band Lat Pull Down: orange - 50 reps
Wall Abs: 5x10
Chest Supported Rows: 2x20