Mon, 25 June 18

Upper Deload

This might be my last training day before nationals.  I'm in the process of winding up my clinical affiliation and doing my final performance evaluation, packing up and cleaning up my apartment for the final walk through inspection early Wed AM prior to leaving for work, and trying to get squared away for packing, driving home, unpacking, repacking for nats, doing that, driving home again, unpacking, repacking to move to my next clinical, and driving there to get moved in and ready to roll on Sunday.  So timing wise, there's a lot of crap going on right now.

Single Arm Bottoms Up Press

10ea x 25

10ea x 35

10ea x 40

Seated Arm Over Arm Prowler Pull

55' x prowler + 90

55' x prowler + 180

2x55' x prowler + 270

I did these to work on some areas of technique where I have room for improvement.  I'm glad I did it and I hope it helps for this weekend on the truck pull.

Airbike Tabata

That was all she wrote for today.  I'm hoping to be able to get another deload day in, but the reality is that there's probably only about a 50/50 chance of that.  Obviously I could easily do it if I just slept less, but with a competition coming up, I'm trying NOT to screw up my sleep and dietary intake if I can avoid it.