Upper Fluff and Buff Session

After having set an all-time PR on my equipped bench press with 457lbs, I'm now in off season mode getting back to some heavy training while running my gym, THIRST.

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Monday night I didn't really feel like training much. I did some super basic stuff after my iso-holds, and I was just done. Not what I wanted, but it's just how I felt. One of those days where just a bit of accessory work got me going, and I was ready go home and call it a night.

Items Used in this Training Session

Warm Up
Tons of PRI Based Stuff

A1) Bench Press Iso Hold vs Doubled Mini Bands
3x60 sec

B1) Wide Grip Seated Cable Rows

C1) Pressdowns
100 total reps
C2) Cable Curls
100 total reps


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