Video: Adjusting Back to 5/3/1 Top Set After Speed Work

Since Sundays are now my primary squat strength day and not just speed; I’m starting to do something I’ve done in the past, doing a top 5/3/1 set (based on a lower training max) after some speed work sets. 

Continuing to rotate power cleans and work deadlifts and farmers carries as well.

Sunday - Speed & Strength for SQ/DL + Conditioning

A. 6x1 Light Power Cleans - Superset with reverse hypers during warmups.

B. Deadlift - 435x5 (deload)

C. Buffalo Bar Box Squats - 8x2 w/ 315lbs then 385x5

D. 6 Trips on Farmer's Walks w. 205lbs per hand

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