After doing dynamic effort squats to pins for the past few weeks I'm back to using the box again. The pins were a nice change of pace, and it feels good to be back using the box again. I've noticed in particular that box squatting (both heavy and for speed work) helps me to keep my wide-stance technique better when having to walk squats out in training (forcing knees out, sitting back, etc). When I'm in a monolift I naturally sit back and spread the floor better but when I've been walking the wider squats out I've had a tendency to not do those things as well.  It's probably just a mental block after using the monolift for so long the past year and half. Either way, the box helps a lot. I also did sumo triples vs. bands and they are feeling better every time I rotate back to these (every 2 weeks). Still a work in progress but I'm happy to be seeing improvement.

Today was dynamic effort lower @ Ohio University:

A1. Lying Leg Curls - 3x20

A2. Seated Leg Extensions - 3x12

A3. Hip Airplane -3x10 each side

B. SS Yoke Bar Squats vs. Pro Average Bands - 10x2 w/ 240lbs+bands

C. Sumo Pulls vs. Pro Average Band - 8x3 w/ 365lbs+band (50 lb increase from last time sumo pulling 2 weeks ago).


D1. Dead Stop Bent Over Rows - 4x15 w/ 135lbs

D2. Weighted Straight Leg GHR Abs -  4x10 w/ 45 lb plate

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