Video: Bench Doubles w/ Shoulder Saver Pad and a Shiny New Bar

My bench rotation has been alternating full and partial ROM movements. So one week is a floor press variation, next week is bench against bands, next week board press, etc.. I've been doing a lot of triples and doubles and trying to do more sets overall through the training session. Sometime in the next few weeks I'm going to take a few benches in my shirt just to gauge where I'm at before beginning prep for a meet later this Spring...

Today's Movement was Bench w/ Shoulder Saver Pad @ Ohio University:

A1. Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown - 3x15

A2. Tricep Pushdowns - 3x20

B. Shoulder Saver Pad Bench

-with Fat Side:







-with Short Side:





*I decided to perform these similarly as I've been doing box squats; doing multiple sets to a higher box then dropping weight and working back up doing more sets to a low box. I worked up to a couple sets of doubles on the fat side of the pad and then flipped to the short side and did the same thing, finishing with a single. This was a nice way to get more volume in and really challenge myself with different variations. The fat side of the pad is surprisingly difficult for me, and it's definitely a weak spot for me with not having momentum from the drive off the chest. This is a great movement that I think will carry over well.

C1. Kettlebell Chaos Bench - 5x10 w/ 55 lb kettlebells

C2. Bodyweight Chin-ups - 5x10

*With work being so hectic as I transition into a new position, I've been trying to make my training sessions as efficient as possible. Picking a couple good "bang for your buck" type movements and doing several sets of them with shorter rest periods. This has been good at this point in my training, and things will obviously adjust as I get into my gear and move closer to a meet.

I also got a nice shiny new toy for my facility at Ohio University today....


The SS Yoke Bar is a must-have specialty bar in my opinion, and it'll be a great tool not only for our students that use the facility but our personal training staff and programs we run as well. Aaaaand I'm going to be using it for speed squats tomorrow, you know, just to break it in..

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