This weekend I was able to train both Saturday & Sunday at the EliteFTS Compound. I did box squats and some banded pulls Saturday; with Ted, Sabrina, Todd, and Grant.  I have been working on my upper back tightness and keeping my lats tight and elbows under the bar, and I've been seeing some good improvement lately. I still need to do a better job with coming up off the box during squats. I've been rocking forward off the box and extending my bar path more than it needs to be. I did a down set after singles on box squat, and was able to make a few good changes. Deadlifts went well, but I need to pull back as opposed to "up" and make sure I'm loading my glutes and hamstrings right away. Overall good day and I always learn a lot training with everyone there.

Saturday was Max Effort Lower @ The EliteFTS S4 Compound:

A. Box Squats in Metal Ace Briefs





Down Set - 420x5

B. Raw Deadlifts vs. Pro Strong Bands (~200lbs)





500 miss


C1. Rack Strip Dimel Deadlifts - 4x10 w/ 185lbs

C2. Hanging Leg Raises - 4x10

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