This weekend I trained at the University (my work) - I try to be as creative as I can there since at this point we only have bumper plates on the squat racks (something I plan to change soon), so you can't put more than 450 on the bar. Because of this, I try to find ways to use band tension as much as I can. This works out fine because it forces me to keep the bar weight lighter on the days I'm not training at the elitefts compound. This day worked up to a triple vs. average bands (~200 something at the top), then dropped the box height lower and added light bands (another ~100 something). There are specific band tensions posted on the band pages in the elitefts store, but it always varies depending on how long you've had the bands, etc. I tried to really focus on arching my mid-back and pulling my shoulder blades down as I squeezed my lats. It is slowly improving but I still need to do a better job of driving back into the bar and staying upright. The first reps were pretty good, but then as I did the second and third rep I could see that I let myself get forward slightly. Just gotta keep focusing on it with each rep. 

Primary Lower @ Ohio University:

A1. Standing Leg Curls on Leg Extension Machine - 4x15

A2. Leg Press - 4x15 with really focusing on opening up the hips and pausing with each rep at the bottom.

B. Squats vs. Average Bands



Add Metal Ace Briefs



Add Light Bands, Drop Box Height


C. SS Yoke Bar Good Mornings - 4x10 w/ 175lbs

D. Ab Wheel - 4x12


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