Yesterday's training session was the second week of doing a (moderately) close grip incline press, followed by lower-rep pin presses and a lot of upper body accessory volume. The incline presses felt a little better this week, I've been doing 5x10 and then going to bump up the weight and drop to 8s after another week or two. Focusing on volume with movements that don't aggravate any injuries has been working well on my second upper body day. Training has been definitely interesting with bouncing back and forth between elitefts (when I can get there) and training at my work. There is never such thing as a perfect training cycle though, so it'll be a good challenge to see how I can navigate these coming weeks. Next week I'll be showing some of my student staff at OU how to spot me on shirted bench, which should be really interesting..

Secondary Upper Body Day @ Ohio University:

A1. Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown - 4x12

A2. Pushups - 4x20

B. Moderate-Close Grip Incline Press - 5x10 w/ 185lbs (last set with 205lbs)


C1. Pin Presses at 2-board level - 4x5 w/ 275lbs


C2. Band Lat Pulldowns w/ FatGripz - 4x15


D1. Seated Dumbbell Upright Rows/Ext Rotation - 4x12

D2. Seated Cable Row - 4x10

E1. Rolling Dumbbell Extensions - 3x15

E2. Tricep Pushdowns (straight bar) - 3x15

F. Hammer Curls - 3x10

Nutrition Update:

10 months ago I was eating 3,300 calories of inconsistent, random food and was 240lbs. I wrote in a recent article how I adjusted my nutrition and dieted down some body fat, and cleared up a few digestive issues. Since then I've been slowly increasing my food intake and continuing to track my eating. I'm currently eating 4,200 calories now (and over 600g of carbs) at a bodyweight of 213lbs. I'm a lot happier with my health and appearance in general, and my training/recovery is fueled much better than it was before. I'm going to continue to eat up higher into the 220 class for this next meet, and then continue to re-evaluate as I move forward.  

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