This was the final week of the speed bench wave I did of Fat Gripz bench triples vs. doubled mini bands. It was definitely a tough variation, since the fatter grip already puts more work on the shoulders/chest, and then the grips on the bar (as opposed to using a fat bar) add another inch or so of ROM to the movement. It's definitely not something I would do too often, but for a few weeks on occasion I think it's a good way to build some speed and strength on the bench. With any speed bench variation I do, I try to make sure I progress in weight each week, sometimes doing some singles at the end depending on how I'm feeling. Next week I'm going to do something a little different with my secondary bench day to help with technique, and I'll be interested to see how it pans out..

A1. Band Pull-Aparts - 3x25

A2. Hip Airplanes - 3x10

B. Fat Gripz Bench vs. Doubled Pro Mini Bands- 8x3 w/ 250lbs+bands (+25lbs from last week)


*This was the final week of this variation. I was overall happy with how 250 moved, my bar path and overall explosiveness is slowly improving, still plenty of work to do..

C1. Close Grip Dead Stop Pin Press - 3x5 w/ 315lbs

C2. Seated Row w/ Pro Average Band (looped around rack)- 3x10

*I superset these band rows with almost every accessory movement after speed bench, to keep getting as much volume of lat work in as I can. I think it's going to continue to help with my bench overall (and other lifts too).

D1. Kettlebell Clean & Press - 3x10 w/ 35lb kettlebells

D2. More Seated Rows w/ Pro Average Band - 3x10

E1. Dumbbell Spoon Press - 3x20

E2. Dumbbell Curl - 3x12

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