Sunday was bench day at the compound, and my good friends Mario and Bruce came down from Akron to train as well. Mario was also picking up his brand new Metal Jack Bench Shirt, which was hilarious to see him try and get on and off. Once he gets it broken in I think it's gonna be a great shirt for him. I haven't benched in my Metal Ace since WPC Worlds in November, so I wanted to take advantage of having everyone there to do some heavier benching. We benched to a one-board, and I got some good ideas for adjusting where my shirt sits on my shoulders from Todd. I did a bunch of singles in the 500-515 range and ended up finishing with a really easy 535lbs (my best bench is 520lbs). I kept it conservative since I haven't benched in the shirt in a few months, but I'm confident I can hit a good PR next time I touch in my shirt. I still have a lot of work to do but I'm getting better at opening up my elbows smoother at lockout. I think all the lat work I've been doing lately is really helping with my stability on bench as well, and I'm going to continue to hammer that along with my pressing movements. I was happy bench went as well as it did, because immediately afterwords I got crushed by the stomach flu and was hunched over in my bathroom the last 24 hrs. I'm starting to feel a little better, but I think this will be a good reason for me to force myself to take it easy this week.

Sunday was max effort upper @ The EliteFTS S4 Compound

A. 1-Board Bench Press





Add Metal Ace

365x3 (air board)

405x3 (air board)

455x2 (start using 1-board)



(Adjust shirt higher and tighter into armpits to keep my shoulders locked in better)




B. Dumbbell Press - 3x10

C. Tsunami Bar Attachment Cable Row -  5x12


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