*5 Weeks from RPS Lexen Spring Fling*

Thursday was Floor Press day on my rotation between floor and pin presses for my heavy upper body work. I have one more week of pin presses next week, then maxing on floor press before tapering off for my competition May 9th. Overall floor presses went well, I did more for multiple sets than I've done before. I do need to pause a little longer on the floor next time around on each rep to really work on building power from the bottom without momentum..

A1. Lat Pulldowns - 3x12 neutral grip. 3x12 wide grip

A2. Pushups  - 6x25

B. Floor Press - 4x5 w/ 325lbs


C1. Kettlebell Chaos Bench w/ 2 35lb kettlebells on each side - 4x10

C2. Wide Grip Chins - 4x10

D1. Face Pulls  - 3x15

D2. Close Grip Pause Bench w/ 185lbs - 3x10

E1. Triceps Pushdowns - 4x25

E2. EZ Curl Bar Bicep Curls - 4x10

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