*3 Weeks Out from RPS Lexen Spring Fling*

I've been alternating pin presses and floor presses on my heavy bench day, and this was my last week of heavy work before the meet. I worked up to a heavy single on floor press with the Metal Catapult. My pec has still been healing and didn't feel too bad during training so I was happy about that (definitely felt it after). I did a little better job pausing at the bottom of each rep but still need to pause a little longer to get the most out of these. I've never used the catapult on floor presses before, and I think it's something I'll do more often now. It overloaded the movement without putting any strain on the back since there's no arch. I think it's something that could definitely help my shirted bench moving forward.

A1. Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns - 4x12

A2. Pushups - 4x25

B. Floor Press 





add Metal Catapult





C1. Incline Dumbbell Press - 3x15 w/ 100lb dumbbells

C2. Seated Cable Rows - 3x10

D1, Rolling Dumbbell Tricep Extensions - 3x12

D2. Front/Side/Lateral Raises - 3x12 each direction

E1. Tricep Pushdowns - 4x20

E2. Dumbbell Curls - 4x15

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