I've been changing around some different aspects of my training split to allow me to do more raw work, more special exercises, more light volume assistance work, and be more intentional with how I rotate in my gear as I address some weaknesses. For the past few training blocks I was doing my speed work in briefs and doing conventional percentage box squatting vs. bands. For at least the next few weeks I'm going to keep my secondary lower body day all raw work and focus on the first movement being a special exercise for reps where I focus on a certain technique emphasis, and then follow that with more volume on different bodybuilding-style and single-leg movements. Then the majority of my max effort days will remain in briefs, with my suit and knee wraps being rotated in every few weeks as I get closer to my next meet. I'm happy with the steps I've been taking to structure my training as I've gotten some really good advice from people, now I've just gotta keep hammering away consistently and put the work in..

Secondary Lower Body @ Ohio University:

A1. Single-Leg Standing Hamstring Curls - 4x25

A2. Seated Leg Extensions - 4x25

B. Front-Loaded SS Yoke Bar Box Squats vs. Pro Average Bands (Anchored at Front of Rack) - 6x5 w/ 240lbs


*This is my first time trying these, I've seen Clint Darden and Todd Brock do different variations of front-loaded bands, and figured this would be a good way for me to focus on keeping upright throughout the entire squat. I've built up my upper back strength a lot using the SS Yoke Bar the past few months, but now the problem is that I'm in the habit of always being rounded forward and fighting through it. So with these I kept it lighter and tried to really focus with each rep of arching my upper back hard and driving my traps into the bar backwards on each rep. I think doing these will really help me with building the habits I need to keep my upper back locked in during heavy squatting.

C1. Rear Elevated Split Stance Squats w/ 35 lb kettebells - 4x12

C2. Hanging Leg Raises - 4x10

D. Bent Over Rows w/ 45lb Kettlebells (focusing on stretch at bottom, and squeezing lats and holding at the top of each rep) - 4x12


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