Yesterday was 2-board presses in my bench shirt. It's hard to find someone to help me with shirted benching when I'm at home in Athens but thankfully Erik Nykl from Westside lives near me and has been giving me a hand the past few weeks in his storage unit where he has some equipment. We didn't have a 3rd person to hold boards so we used the Bench Blox he has, which worked fine. Last week I was tucking too early and drifting too far on my benches, and this day I did a little better job staying in a tighter groove. The last set of 545 was a little uneven (partially because I didn't push my heels down enough), but overall everything felt pretty easy. My bicep was killing me from squatting Sunday so I didn't do any assistance work after benching and am doing it today instead. I benched 518 in my last meet, and I think if I can stay in the groove better and not over-drift to touch then I should be able to bench a lot in a few weeks at the meet.

A. 2-Board Bench in Metal Ace







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