*5 Weeks from RPS Lexen Spring Fling*

Saturday was the last week in my wave of speed squats and deadlifts before my competition. I was traveling to see family for Easter, so I stopped in to the University of Akron where I used to work. This last week was w/ 345lbs on squat and used both average and light bands (as opposed to just the average bands from the last 2 weeks). This was followed by 365lbs on speed pulls on a slightly lower deficit than before. Overall squats moved well (squatting was the easy part, walking out to a wide stance with all those bands sucked haha), the deadlifts moved fast but my lockouts were a little ugly partially because I kept losing my overhand grip without chalk. Regardless of that I still need to work on squeezing my glutes sooner and getting my hips all the way through without having to think about it after it's too late. Next week is a free squat deload then it's into full gear for these last few weeks..

A1. Isometric Planks - 3x15 secs w/ regular plank, bird dog, and side planks

A2. Hip Extension/Flexion w/ mini band tied to rack - 3x12 each direction

B1. GHR - 4x8

B2. Wide Grip Lat Pulldown - 4x12

C. Speed Squats w/ 345lbs vs. Average + Light Bands - 6x2


D. Speed Pulls w/ 365lbs vs. Average Short Bands on 1" deficit - 6x1

...I had to run out of the gym at this point to see family and skipped my heavy ab work like a chump, so I'll be doing extra ab work today (Monday) before speed bench.

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