VIDEO: More Power Cleans & Adding an AMRAP Set to Cambered Bar Box Squat

..Working on slowly trying to get more comfortable/confident cleaning the barbell up .. Need to break the habit of catching it like a military press and get my elbows up; and I noticed today how bad I favor my left hip. 6x1 on hang cleans then power cleans up to 245 before Squats and Sandbag Carries. One training session at a time..

Week 4 - Day 2 (Cleans, Squats, Conditioning)

A. Reverse Hypers - 3x15

B. Med Ball Hip Toss - 3x3

C. Hang Cleans - 6x1 w. 185lbs

D. Power Cleans - up to 235lbs

E. Cambered Bar Box Squats - 10x2 w. 350lbs + 1x8

+2 sets from last wave & additional AMRAP set of 8 (leaving some in tank)

F. Sandbag Carries (~200lbs) - 5 trips

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