Video: Much Needed OHP Deload

..The past few weeks have definitely added a lot more overhead work than I've been used to doing. I'm continuing with having every 3rd week of strength work be a down week/deload/etc - and this timing works well to prevent me from getting burnt out or overdoing it on my joints.

Week 3: Overhead Press (Explosive / Strength / Accessories)

A1. Med ball overhead throws - 5x3

A2. Band Pull-Aparts - 5x15

B. Overhead Strict Press (barbell) - Triples up to top set of 160x5 (deload)

*Superset with more band pull-aparts

C. Overhead Strict Press Down Set - 125x10

D1. Seated Scap Retraction Rows - 4x10

D2. Cable Tricep Pushdowns - 4x25

E. Band Rear Delt Flyes - 4x12


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