*7 Weeks from RPS Lexen Spring Fling*

Today was Pin Presses for triples in my heavy bench rotation. Right now I rotate between Pin Presses and Floor Presses for the next few weeks until I bench in my bench shirt for the last few weeks leading into the meet. I made the mistake today of setting the pins at about mid-range (6 or so inches range of motion), which is a great weak point for my raw bench (I actually press less from this point than I do my chest), but after clarifying with Todd he wants me doing a shorter ROM with a 3 inch press to work with heavier weights. This makes sense, since I don't get into my shirt for a few more weeks I need the heavier work and work on my lockout. Learned my lesson for next time..

A1. Lap Pulldowns w/ Metal Catapult - 6 sets

3x10 w/ neutral grip

3x10 w/ wide grip

A2. Pushups - 6x20

B. Pin Presses 3x3 w/ 365lbs


C1. Close Grip Incline Bench - 3x10 w/ 205lbs

C2. Seated Cable Row - 3x15

D1. Seated Dumbbell Upright Rows w/ Ext Rotation - 4x12

D2. Rolling Triceps Extensions w/ dumbbell - 4x20

E1. Hammer Curls - 3x15

E2. Front/Side/Rear Delt Raises - 3x20

E3. Grenade Triceps Pushdowns - 3x15

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