After going to XPC Finals at the Arnold Classic on Saturday, I picked up Yessica and Paul Martinez with Mario and we went up to the elitefts compound to bench. The highlight was definitely seeing Yessica get in a bench shirt for the first time and do AWESOME. The lowlight was definitely all my benches haha. This is my 2nd time in the shirt since November and I wanted to go for a PR 535lbs. I tried it twice and missed both right at lockout by either not flaring my elbows enough or letting my air out each time. Things to focus on improving, because I know I can smoke that weight if I tie some things together. Ted Toalston suggested doing my lighter rep sets in the shirt all in one breath to really break the habit of letting my air out. Plenty to keep chipping away at!

A1. Close Grip Lat Pulldown - 3x20

A2. Tricep Pushdown with Straight Attachment - 3x20

B. Bench Press in Metal Ace - worked up to 505 to 2-board then missed 535 to chest twice..


C1. Lat Pulldown w/ Mag Grip Attachment - 5x10

C2. Lateral Shoulder Raise Machine - 5x20